Green Tea Memory Foam Cooling Mattress

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  • Graphene technology cover: Made of nylon and felt for a fresh and antistatic quality, this far infrared fabric has therapeutic properties that promote blood circulation for better overall health.
  • Fiberglass freinner layer: Made of ribbed fabric (92% cotton, 8% polyester), this is a safe and effective flame retardant layer around your mattress without the negative effects of fiberglass and other flame retardant chemicals. This means no skin irritation, no breathing problems, and no health risks for you or your family - so you can really relax at night.
  • Green Tea Gel Infused Memory Foam: Infused with a cooling gel that maintains all the positive properties of memory foam while mitigating temperature issues.
  • Elastic Support Foam Base: Premium foam completes the bottom of the mattress, providing long-lasting durability and the gel memory foam that supports its top.
  • Made in the USA: Carefully crafted for safety, durability, performance, emissions and content.
  • Certipur USA-Certified: Our memory foams and fabrics are free of hazardous substances, independently tested for safety and meet all applicable mandatory and voluntary mattress product safety standards.
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