Fosters Mattress Videos

People stop in our store or sometimes just stop us on the street to talk about seeing our commercials and outtakes. If you have yet to see them or just want to see your favorites again, here they are. We've also included some instructional videos for setting up bed frames if you want practical advice instead of cute kids and their bloopers!

We love our community and the UNI Panthers! 

Here we go again! Our latest bloopers!

A few more bloopers if you're up for it!


We're so proud to be celebrating 10 years in business! Time flies... 


More bloopers? You've got to be kidding!!

Can't get enough of the bloopers? We've got a Panther version too...

And one more, just for fun! :) 


he kids got creative with this Luck of the Irish Sale video idea.



From our family to yours.


Making a commercial with kids takes a few tries...outtakes from our 2018 new location commercial.
Kids say the darndest things! - Outtakes from the making of our 2016 commercial.


This commercial from 2015 features cute kids including a brand new baby!


Learn the importance of center support for your bed (video only, no sound).


 Easy steps for putting together a bed frame (video only, no sound).


 See the right way to properly move a bed frame (video only, no sound).