Mattress Care and Tips

Fosters Mattress would like you to get the most out of your mattress, so we've provided a few tips to help you achieve this.

Why does my new mattress feel differently than when I tried it in the store?
A brand new mattress will feel firmer, sometimes much firmer than the version you tried out in the store. This is completely normal. The comfort layers will slowly soften up and break in over the next few weeks as you sleep on your new mattress; remember to rotate it weekly for four weeks and once a month thereafter. Once the comfort layers break in, you may notice slight body impressions; these are completely normal because today's mattresses are made up of very high quality comfort layers that are designed to conform to your body.

Mattresses in a Box: 
Did you know that most mattresses arrive compressed or packed in a box or roll? This allows for easy delivery and set-up, but can be a surprise if you haven't purchased a mattress in a while. Be aware that roll packed/compressed mattresses can take 24-48 hours to reach full height and comfort potential.

Mattress Protectors:
Please use a mattress protector for your new investment. We offer several options including a premium waterproof version that breathes but will keep body oils and liquids off of your mattress for the life of your bed.

Mattress Toppers and Sheets:
What you put on your bed can change how your mattress feels. Sheets that are too tight can make your bed feel firmer than how it was designed to feel. Quilted or padded mattress protectors can also change how your mattress feels. Our sheets and protectors contour around the natural curves of your body so your mattress will feel the way it was designed to feel.

Be Careful with Heat:
Heated mattress pads, if used on high, can damage any foam mattress over a long period of time because foam acts as an insulator. Therefore, use caution if using heated products with your mattress.

A word about Bed Bases and Frames:
There are a variety of bed bases available to place under your mattress from bed frames, steel or metal bases, adjustable bases, and box springs. The latter is often what people go to because of what they are used to. Box springs are fine to use, but beware that if you still use box springs, or even a bed frame with slats, and these wear just like mattresses do. Consider changing out your base/box spring at the same time of a new mattress purchase to get the most out of your purchase. It is a small investment for the life of the mattress. Be sure to ask us about all of the options. See The Wellsville Journal here for more details: How to Find the The Right Frame for My New Mattress

Moving your Bed/Mattress:
If moving your mattress, be careful with both mattress and base to avoid damage. Rips and tears can occur as can damage to power cords and plug-ins if you are using an adjustable base. Keep in mind that damage you do yourself to your bed will not fall under warranty. This is why we encourage professional delivery and set-up of the mattress and any frames or bases after purchase.