Selecting the Perfect Pillow

Does pillow shopping give you option paralysis? Take some time to read the following considerations. You'll soon be ready to shop with confidence. And remember, we are always here for additional questions you have.

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How Firm is Your Mattress?

Softer mattresses create a smaller gap between your head and mattress, meaning you need a thinner pillow, while firmer mattresses require a pillow with a higher loft (a.k.a. thickness).

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Do You Need a Cooler Sleep?

When you sleep, your temperature drops, shedding heat into surrounding areas. There are pillows (Carbon Cool, and Cooling Memory Foam) that actually absorb that heat and dissipate it, helping you maintain the optimal sleep temperature all night long. 

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What Position Do You Sleep In?

Depending on your sleep position, different pillow lofts and shapes create the ideal cushion for correct spine alignment and pressure relief. For example, if you are a side sleeper, our shoulder pillow is a great option.

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Are You Allergic to Certain Materials?

Just because you have allergies, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. There are solutions like this one for all types of sensitive sleepers to solve your problems.

Want a Calming Sleep?
Try one of our memory foam pillows with an essential oil infused directly into the pillow. As a bonus, you'll get an essential oil spray bottle along with the pillow to add more should you need it. Relax your night away with our lavender infused pillow. Enjoy the soothing sage scent of our CBD oil shoulder pillow - perfect for side sleepers!

Do You Crave Relief from Snoring, Sinus Pressure, Heartburn, or Acid Reflux?
While an adjustable base can be a game changer for the above, another option is our Z Wedge Pillow. The angled design made from firm, supportive foam provides relief from the above symptoms.