A New Mattress Needs Proper Support

You have many options to choose from to support your mattress, including if you wish for a specific designer look. Talk to us about your needs, and we will set you up with the ideal foundation for your bed. 

Malouf Metal Platform Base to support a mattress sold by Fosters Mattress in the Cedar Valley

Metal Platform

A clean, sleek look with the option of under-the-bed storage, the metal platform is a surprisingly sturdy as well as popular alternative to a box spring.

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Adjustable bases with zero gravity for weightless experience for ultimate pressure relief.

Adjustable Base

A motor-powered base allowing you to adjust your mattress according to your sleep (or wake) needs, elevating feet, head, and/or knees to a level that works for you. These bases are a game-changer, helping with common issues that affect sleep such as snoring, acid reflux, and back pain.

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Box Spring Foundation with Blue Edge

Box Spring Foundation

No longer containing the coils once necessary, the modern box spring (also known as a foundation) provides solid, traditional support for your mattress.

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Menden Metal and Wood Slatted Bed Frame by Malouf

Platform Bed Frame

Our decorative bed frames come with a slatted base upon which you can directly place your mattress. You can also choose to replace the slats with an alternative, such as an adjustable base.

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Why can't I just use my old bed base?

A new mattress may be compromised if you do not also have a new support system for it, even a simple metal platform or box spring platform. Your old box spring or base may look like it is fine, but years of use will weaken it and there may be damage you cannot see. It is best to purchase a base or platform along with your new mattress and will extend its life.