Your Adjustable Base Questions Answered

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What is an adjustable or power base?

This base goes below your mattress in place of a box spring or platform and uses power to adjust the head and feet for pressure-relieving sleep, lounging in bed, or assisting with acid reflux, snoring, among other things. It can fit into most slat bed frames by simply removing the slats.

E255 Adjustable Base, with mattress - Fosters Mattress

What mattresses work with an adjustable base?

Just about every mattress in our store works well with an adjustable base, most specifically mattresses containing memory foam, latex or are hybrid mattresses with more flexible internal coils. The only mattress that doesn't work well is one with more rigid coils. Be sure to ask us about compatibility before you buy.

Isn't this just a hospital bed?

No. While adjustable bases have been used by the medical industry for many years, their many benefits as well as advancements in their construction provide ample reasons why they have quickly become a popular option for your home bedroom. Our bases not only raise and lower your head and feet, but they can come with massage, under bed lighting, USB ports, lumbar support, voice activation, automatic snore detection, customizable positions and more.

Several of Fosters Mattress adjustable bases come with the phone App to control the features of the base through your cell phone.

Can I control the base with my cell phone?

It depends on the base you purchase. Several of our adjustable bases come with an app option that you can put on your phone. This app allows you to use your phone to adjust your base should you prefer that option. 

How high should I raise my head and feet for sleeping?

While there is no "correct" setting for your base, we recommend to start out gradually. The idea is to put your body into a position that evenly distributes your weight and keeps your spine straight. The adjustment will depend on whether you are a side or back sleeper or a combination of the two (note: if you are a stomach sleeper, an adjustable base is not a good option for you as it will put strain on your spine). If you sleep on your side, elevating head and feet can relieve strain on your hips and neck. If you sleep on your back, putting your upper body on a slight incline relieves pressure on your lower back and neck and opens your airway for better breathing. You may also want to elevate your feet slightly if you need more even weight distribution.

Adapt adjustable bases to individual needs with a split king purchase. With the proper base from our family-owned bed store, you won't feel the gap, and we can set remotes to work separately.

For a split king, will I feel the gap when I sleep?

You should not feel any gap as the bases match together well. We also will set up the bases to work in tandem with one remote.

Is the massage feature helpful?

Yes. Not only does the massage feature assist with sore muscles and working out the knots, it also promotes circulation and provides relaxation to allow you to fall asleep more quickly. The massage feature can also be helpful for various health concerns ranging from poor circulation to neuropathy.

Our headboards work with adjustable bases, providing stylish options to match your bedroom furniture decor.

Will my headboard fit with my adjustable base?

Yes. As long as it can attach to the wall or is part of your bed frame AND the adjustable base fits into your bed frame.

Will the base make my bed too tall?

No. Our bases come with adjustable legs to provide varying height options and we can help tailor your base to your needs.

What is Zero Gravity?

This feature allows your body to be in a weightless position, which is the ultimate pressure point relief. We don't recommend sleeping in this position, but it is a good way to melt away the cares of the day prior to falling asleep.