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Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair W/ Heat and Massage, reclined view - Fosters Mattress

Do You Need a Daytime Nap?

Have you ever fallen asleep reading a good book or watching a not-so-good movie? Then you wake up only to want to snooze again?

Or do you need a quick power nap to boost your energy for the rest of the day?

Our sleep recliners are a great option for that quick or perhaps a little longer snooze.

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Are You Having Mobility Concerns?

Our sleep chairs are great solution for individuals who need an option while recovering from a surgical procedure that keeps them from sleeping comfortably in a bed. In fact, anyone who experiences difficulty with mobility for whatever reason should look into a sleep chair if their bed is not working for them.

Having a chair that reclines to a sleep position is a wonderful option for a comfortable rest.

These chairs have the added bonus of a lift feature, that allows you to move into and out of the chair with ease.

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Do You Have Poor Circulation?

If you struggle with numbness, neuropathy, diabetes, or any other circulation concerns, consider our sleep recliners.

Having a recliner that you can maneuver into a comfortable sleep position allows you to set the right angle for your circulation needs.

And if you have longer legs, you have the option of adding a foot rest extension.

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Does Your Partner Snore?

"Yes, but not every night!"

While we recommend an adjustable base to assist with your partner's snoring, if it's not happening daily, a sleep chair could come in handy for those times when you just need to sneak away for some good shut-eye.

Also, sleep chairs can be put to good use for that occasional last-minute houseguest.

I'm a younger adult...why would I need a sleep recliner?
Every adult can benefit from a sleep recliner. We have many options to suit your needs. Why wouldn't you want to be able to relax and unwind after a long day?

In our store, we have discovered that it's not uncommon for someone to purchase a chair for an aging adult in their lives and then ultimately buy another one for themselves. Stop in to check out the heat massage or heat wave technology options - and bring your relaxation to a whole new level!