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SS34-Twin XL-gray

Product description

SS-34 Adjustable Bed Base Product Features: Full Range Head and Foot Comfort Positions Ease aches and pains and relax in comfort with full range head or foot positions, accommodate any sleep position. Raise your head to reduce snoring and relieve neck tension. Wireless Backlit Remote Control Operate your adjustable base by a remote, that can raise or lower your head and feet independently, or together. The Flat Button lowers the bed with a single touch. Battery Backup During a power outage, the battery backup feature lowers the bed to a flat position with the touch of a button. Fits Inside Most Standard Bed Frames Allows you to keep your current wood or metal side rails. Simply put the lifestyle base into your current side rails. Gravity Release Safety Feature The gravity release safety feature lowers the mattress by gravity, never powering downwards to minimize pinch points. Zero-G Preset Position One touch button that raises the legs slightly above the heart to promote circulation and relieve pressure off of the lower back. One Touch Flat Button Quick and easy one touch flat feature to lower your lifestyle base to a flat position. Recessed Steel 2 Piece Adjustable Legs Upgraded Models are supplied 4” or 8” legs that can be configured as a low profile bed or normal height. Platform Bed Compatible Engineered with “zero-clearance” to allow your lifestyle base to sit on top of your platform style bed base. LED Under-Bed Lighting Getting up at night just got easier with the LED Under-Bed Lighting. With the touch of a button, the LED light will turn on and illuminate the underside of your base. Head and Foot Massage Relax and recover from a long day with a full body massage. The motors are ultra quiet while providing a total body massage. Variable Speed Massage Allows you to adjust the speed of the massage motors for maximum control of your of your total body massage. Massage Wave Mode Using wave motion will oscillate the massage motors from head to foot, for added soothing sensation. Massage Pulse Mode The Pulse Sensation Feature adds a total body massage option while The Pulse Sensation Feature adds a total body massage option while relaxing in your own bed, the pulsing provides a deeper tissue treatment. USB Outlets Dual USB charging outlets per side to recharge your electronics while you use them or during sleep or to keep them fully charged when in use. Keep devices close by and fully charged when you wake. TV Preset Position With the touch of a button you can be in the preset TV mode and comfortably watching your favorite show. Lounge Preset Position With the touch of a button you can be in the preset Lounge mode to relax and read a book or surf the web. Two Personal Programmable Position Program two additional favorite positions into memory for instant recall. LED Flashlight on Remote With the touch of a button you can illuminate your path in a dark room for safety. Exclusive Wall Defender Technology Need to reach your phone on the nightstand while your head is elevated, no problem with the Wall Defender Technology. This technology keeps you within reach of your nightstand