Midnight Cooling Hybrid


Indulge in true luxury, blissful comfort, and all-over body support with the Midnight Cooling Hybrid Mattress from Corsicana. This mattress comes with a customized cover that provides temperature regulation allowing you to fall asleep faster while the pressure-relieving premium foam with motion isolation ensures an undisturbed sleep so you can stay asleep longer. 

Experience the Ultimate in Customized Comfort with a Dual-Choice cooling cover that makes it so easy to sleep at a cooling level that’s right for you. And the hybrid design gives you the pressure-relieving comfort and support of memory foam combined with the extra support and responsiveness of inner springs.



Cool-to-the-touch outer cover with SensICE cooling technology reduces body temperature on contact and helps maintain the optimum sleeping temperature so you fall asleep faster as your body cools down.Choose from outer cooling cover or cozier inner cover with easy zip-off change.

Kelv-Cool graphite-infused high-density memory foam creates thermal conductivity for effective and efficient heat dissipation, delivering a cooler sleep throughout the night.



High Density 4.PhaseViscoMemory Foam
Provides pampering with contouring comfort, less tossing and turning due to relieved pressure points, and motion absorption for less sleep disturbance between partners and deeper sleep. Personalized, perfect comfort that hugs every inch of your body in luxury and supports you with ergonomic customization to your body weight and curves.


All-Night Support+ Foam delivers support in balance with comfort for a superior support layer that is resistant to body impressions.

No Harmful Chemicals: Foam is proudly made in the U.S.A. and Certi-PUR® Certified complying with all rigorous testing standards.