Carbon Cool 14" Mattress

Premium memory foam is infused with micro-encapsulated phase change material (PCM) that adapts to temperature changes to maintain an optimum temperature range. When body or environmental temperature increases, the material inside the microparticles absorbs heat. You can feel this coolness at a touch. As temperature lowers, the material releases heat. This continuous PCM cycle results in memory foam at a consistently comfortable temperature. With its excellent heat transfer properties, the super-conductive graphite has natural abilities to remove heat via airflow. Tiny graphite molecules infused in the memory foam create pathways that use thermal conduction to move heat away from your body. Scientifically Advanced Sleep means that the latest breakthroughs in science make a more comfortable mattress. This 14-inch mattress has a 3-inch layer of CarbonCool + Omniphase-infused memory foam at the surface for advanced temperature control. A response foam layer and 9-inch supportive foam base provide pressure-relief and support of a quality memory foam mattress. Omniphase-Phase Change Material (PCM) cover provides the industry's most advanced temperature regulation. Dual memory foam layers. Made in the USA.