Why A Better Mattress Can Stop You From Snoring

Why A Better Mattress Can Stop You From Snoring

Snoring is something that many Americans suffer from. In fact, about 20% of all Americans suffer from snoring activities during sleep. That is more than 90 million people! There are plenty of prescribed remedies to try to improve your snoring such as losing weight, using nasal strips, and even sleep respirators. One underrated technique to improve your snoring habits is to simply invest in a better and adjustable mattress. Read on to learn how sleeping on a better mattress can reduce snoring and improve your sleep!


Hospitals trust them. Why? An adjustable bed allows you to sleep in a more upright position. You could try piling your bed with pillows upon pillows but if you do not arrange them just right, you can end up injuring your back or neck. If your sleep is important to you, a better mattress that can adjust is worth considering. With ease and the touch of a button, you can float into a position that is still comfortable while upright.


Gravity is a big component to snoring—when you lay down, gravity takes over, constricting your tonsil, palate, tongue and more. This makes it harder to breathe, causing your body to work harder to keep you breathing, which contributes to snoring and explains why you often wake up feeling tired rather than refreshed. Owning an adjustable mattress allows you to keep your head safely elevated, so your breathing will increase, your snoring will decrease, and your sleep will improve immeasurably.



You won’t be the only one getting better sleep. If you sleep with a partner and have a snoring problem, odds are better than average they aren’t getting a good night sleep either. Adjustable beds offer both partners the chance to achieve the perfect sleep posture and receive the quality sleep they need. Because the only thing worse than one tired, cranky partner is two tired, cranky partners. 


Whether you’re battling the bulge to quit snoring or sticking strips on your nose before bedtime to achieve restful bliss, consider the benefits to finding your body’s correct sleep position and finally stop snoring. To learn more about sleeping better- visit your Foster’s Mattress Sleep Pros by visiting www.fostersmattress.com 


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