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Common Sleeping Positions: The Pros & Cons

Common Sleeping Positions: The Pros & Cons Perhaps you've never once thought about your body's position while you sleep. As long as you're asleep, what does your position matter? Well, your body placement may affect your health substantially according to new studies. Check out the following pros and cons and discover whether your sleeping position is helping you or the opposite.

3 Ways To Alleviate Sleep Paralysis

3 Ways To Alleviate Sleep Paralysis Sleep Paralysis.  On an average, 8 percent of the general population have experienced REM atonia (sleep paralysis). More could be determined if we factor in others who have difficulty sleeping and/or suffer from mental illnesses that disturbs their ability to sleep. Sleep Paralysis is quite common and many people suffer from it. If you are a part of the eight percent who suffer from it, you may often feel like you are constantly battling in your sleep which often leads to a night of little to no rest. Don't worry, here are 3 ways to help alleviate sleep paralysis so you can get a more peaceful nights rest.