Common Sleeping Positions: The Pros & Cons

Common Sleeping Positions: The Pros & Cons

Perhaps you've never once thought about your body's position while you sleep. As long as you're asleep, what does your position matter? Well, your body placement may affect your health substantially according to new studies. Check out the following pros and cons and discover whether your sleeping position is helping you or the opposite.

1)  Flat On Your Back Sleepers

 Pro: Slumbering face-up will greatly please your spine. A healthy and happy spine leads to a healthy posture, and sleeping face up allows the mattress to support your spine in a structurally natural way. For those concerned with vanity, know that sleeping face up could also lead to less wrinkles in the long run than sleeping with your face smooshed into your pillow. You don't want pillow-smoosh wrinkles, do you??

Con: Flat On Your Back sleepers beware that this position is linked with sleep apnea and snoring, and often it can be corrected by, you guessed it, sleeping in a different position, like on your side.


2) Side Sleepers

 Pro: As previously mentioned, if you snore only when on your back, it's likely caused by the placement of your tongue in this position. Some people snore regardless of their body position while sleeping, however; in these cases, other causes of snoring should be investigated. Sleeping on your left side can improve digestive issues, circulation, and if pregnant, increases blood flow to the fetus. It also allows drainage to the spleen to occur and is beneficial to the lymphatic system.

 Con: Lying on one side can lead to a pins-and-needles or numb sensation in the arm of that side. While it may prove beneficial to the organs of one side body, it can squish the organs of the other side, causing discomfort.


 3) Stomach Sleepers

 Pro: One of the few benefits of this sleep position is relieving sleep apnea and snoring in some cases.

 Con: Unfortunately, this position negatively impacts the spine, as it counteracts its natural curvature. It can also lead to neck strain from lying face down with your head turned to one side. Stomach sleepers may develop wrinkles more quickly than those who sleep on their backs.


The more you know, the better you'll sleep. For more information  <CONTACT US>. Foster's Mattress Sleep Pros are standing by to help you sleep better tonight.


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