3 Tips to Help Teens Get the Sleep They Need to Do Better in School

3 Tips to Help Teens Get the Sleep They Need to Do Better in School

Does it seem like your teenage son or daughter is constantly sleeping? While teens may seem to sleep a lot, research has shown that it is because their bodies require more sleep to function. Often times the sleep your teen is getting is lower quality sleep. As Back To School returns, check out these 3 tips to help improve your teen's sleep quality, helping them be more productive and do better in school.

1. Outgrown Bed: Make sure your teen is not sleeping in a bed that they have outgrown. It may be sad to see your little one outgrow the bed they slept in as toddlers, but it's not doing them any favors when it comes to sleep quality. So say goodbye to the race car bed, Mom. Purchasing a bed that fits your teen is a great step toward ensuring that they are getting quality sleep.



2. Mattress Quality:  Many teens sleep on "hand-me-down" mattresses. While things like bicycles, ball gloves, and denim jeans all serve as excellent examples of second hand items- your teen's mattress isn't likely to be one of them. These mattresses may be worn to a point that they are no longer quality mattresses. A quality mattress is essential to quality sleep. An investment in a good mattress for your teen is a good investment in them, their sleep, their health, and their productivity.


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3. Electronics:  Teens are notorious for being on their cellphones and other electronics. Cellphone and electronic use too close to bed time can result in poor sleep quality. Additionally, keeping a cellphone by the bed to charge or use as an alarm clock can result in sleep distractions and interruptions. Having your teens turn off their cellphone and other electronics or leave them in another room can help to improve the quality of their sleep.


Teens aren't always easy- especially tired teens! Still, quality sleep is vital. Help your teen get the sleep they need by following the tips above and visiting your mattress pros at Foster's Mattress. We'll help you and your teen find the right fit to provide a good foundation for better learning with every night's sleep. 


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